2in1 Vacuum Diode Laser Machine


This high-level machine is equipped with 2 diode handles. One is the diode handle which can remove hairs normally. The other is the vacuum handle which can remove very fine hairs. So this machine will be the most advantage in the market.


Hair growth cycles has three distinct growth phases:

1, Active Growth Phase.

2, Regressive Phase.

3, Resting Phase.

Medical research has conclusively shown that hair growth cycles differ on various parts of the body. The laser most effectively disables hair that is in the Active Growth Phase.


Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles, the special light can be absorbed and converted into heat which will damage hair follicle tissue, so that hair loss regeneration without injury surrounding tissue.




*applicable for cheeks, hairline, lip, beard, neck, back, chest, armpit, arms, bikini line, legs and so on

*applicable for normal hairs, colorful hairs, fine hairs

*one normal handle with big power, for normal hairs.

*vacuum handle with big power, for normal hairs and fine hairs

*8 levels of vacuum strength, ensuring good feeling during treatment

*good quality power supplies and water cooling system

*OEM/ODM is acceptable


Technical Data

Item number AL-808
Wavelength 810nm
Frequency Handle 1: 1-10Hz (adjustable)Handle 2: 1Hz
Power Handle 1: 600W (10 bars)Handle 2: 1200W (20 bars)
Energy density Handle 1: 1-120J/cm2Handle 2: 1-250J/cm2
Spot size Handle 1: 12*20mmHandle 2: 25*40mm
Pulse duration 5-400ms
Cooling system TEC
Vacuum pressure power 10Kg
Vacuum power adjust 8 levels
Voltage 100-120/200-240V
Machine power 4000W
Operation system (optional)
Windows 7 computer system
Operation display 12 inch touch screen
Package Aluminum box
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